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This is solid. Before Morgoth wandered into strange prog-death on Odium then to alterna-mallcore-techno on the wad of shit Feel Sorry for the Fanatic, they were a good death metal band. They used a bit of that weird Possessed riffing and the Beccarra "glass gargling" vocals, but these guys were quite a bizarre entity that made little sense to me.
And that's just why they're so good.
At times I feel I'm listening to Obituary, at others, early Death (Scream Bloody Gore or Leprosy). This is meant for crushing stuff, like bones and beer cans. Riffs can sometimes get technical, but never overyly technical. There's a melodic solo in "Unreal Imagination" and an acoustic intro to "Darkness," but that's as far as you're going to get. There's a really strong Black Sabbath/doom influence on here, especially the guitar tone and the middle section of "Sold Baptism." This has strong elements of both bands, but with a much darker sound and totally indecipherable vocals.