Morbid Angel - Heretic CD


While it has taken so long for Morbid Angel to release its follow up to 'Heretic', likely to start with the letter 'I', all I have to rely on is constant listens to their entire back catalog. I first of all do not think that 'Heretic' is their best effort to date for they all ready accomplished that years ago with 'Covenant'. Now that is an unfair comparison since they are both so very different. Where 'Heretic' varies is in the overall production and amazingly brutal yet still melodic guitar work, hats off to Trey for that one. 'Heretic' is a fucking beast...that's putting it lightly, 'Heretic' is the epitome of quality heavy. Brutality that stands far apart from the sloppily done brutal death metal that so many bands foul up. 'Covenant' lacked the modern day production values and had more thrash elements and darkness to its appeal.