Monstrosity - Rise To Power LP (Black vinyl)


LTD.ED 180g & Poster

Since monstrosity's 1999 release 'In Dark Purity' they sort of slacked off bit, not hearing any new material for 4 years but then they hit back hard with a ripper of an album 'Rise to Power'. For Monstrosity this truly is "a rise to power" as they tear into new territory with their masterful release.

'Rise to Power' kicks into some heavy hitting, but fairly common sort of death metal and maintains some good solos and some heavy guitars up until the 4th track 'The Fall of Eden' which gives the album a bit of melody. This funeral song is epic and powerful like that of Behemoth's 'Hell Dwells in Ice' which although isn't the metal style that we are used to from Monstrosity; it still gives the album a bit of edge. However shortly afterwards it starts into my personal favourite track 'Chemical Reaction'.

Another stand out track is that of 'From Wrath to Ruin' mixing brief solo's with brutal riffs. Monstrosity make one killer album that goes at the top of the death metal list. The professionalism displayed in what I would call one of the best 2003 releases and that is what makes Monstrosity a force to be reckoned with.