MISERY INDEX - Rituals Of Power Gatefold LP (Coke Bottle Green Vinyl)
Misery Index

MISERY INDEX - Rituals Of Power Gatefold LP (Coke Bottle Green Vinyl)

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Some people might think that I'm being overly generous with this rating, but I believe it's because I think the album is totally flawless. What we have here is some serious death/grind. The whole of it isn't grind though, there are slower tempos and riff-writing. It isn't like Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption, meaning that it lets up in tempos and there aren't an insane style of Mick Harris blasts. I do believe he could out-blast any grind drummer if he still played. Well anyway, I think that the music and the vocals are worthy of praise throughout the whole album. There isn't a dull moment on this release at all.

What took me aback was the musicianship totally. Misery Index is just a band I'm learning new of. This 2019 release here is the only one I've heard from the band and was blown away! I hope to discover more of their previous releases since I do like death/grind bands. I'm surprised that I've JUST discovered them because they've been around. However, this new material is amazing. The guitars and vocals as well as the production quality were just superb. So yeah, definitely a band I'm going to start following after hearing this! They begin the album a little slow, and then it gets thick and simply priceless.

What we have here is a compilation of songs that are just extraordinary. They don't let up in intensity except for certain slow bits. They wanted to be diverse I suppose especially in their compositions. So expect the unexpected on here. I cannot compare this to prior releases because as I've stated they're new to me. I think that all of the songs are good. There are a mixture of death/grind totally. They've revived the love for these combo genres. And the vocals are awesome, too. It suits the music totally. It keeps it totally underground like it should. But it seems to be totally consistent with this.

If you've never discovered Misery Index, discover them now. Download this album on Spotify or use YouTube who maybe has it. I know Spotify does, so get it. If you're not convinced that they deserve this high of a rating, let me eat my words. I'm sure that after you hear it, you might want to do the band some justice and buy the physical CD. This will show the band that CD's aren't totally obsolete and that you're trying to keep them alive. Support their music because they have so much to offer the metal community. If you don't want to contribute, then fine, don't show the band this, that you're not a faithful fan. OWN THIS!

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