Miscarriage - Imminent Horror 2-LP (Black vinyl)


With their post-Carcass gorenoise/goregrind roots firmly anchored at the base, Miscarriage have augmented the foundations of this sickening sound and built an entire new world above it by bringing in elements of slower and more experimental and atmospheric extreme music coming from a sickening cesspool of influences as diverse as early Swans, Primitive Man, Corrupted, Ride for Revenge, Godflesh and the most fucked extreme black metal, to materialise an aural abomination of near-incomprehensible horror. Classic homemade gore-drenched artwork and lyrics that can not and should not be ever unearthed for one’s mental sanity and safe sleep round out a release of absolutely incinerating cruelty and insanity whose sole existence is already an inexplainable mystery.