Minsk ‎– The Crash and The Draw - 2-LP


It's been six years since the last Minsk record – 2009's With Echoes in the Movement of Stone. When that amount of time passes, it's natural to feel apprehensive about new material, especially when the lapse in output was due to an extended hiatus. But fear not, Minsk are still at the top of their game. The Crash & The Draw is a great return to form for the Illinois atmospheric sludge band.


In the six years that Minsk has been away, the field of great atmospheric sludge albums has become very crowded. Yob released  Atma and Clearing the Path to Ascend, The Atlas Moth released An Ache for the Distance and The Old Believer, and Mouth of the Architect released Dawning. All of these albums are exceptional examples of the style. Clearing the Path to Ascend and An Ache for the Distance even managed to reinvigorate the flagging sub-genre and push the boundaries of the style into new and fresh directions. While its not as revolutionary as Clearing the Path to Ascend, The Crash and the Draw still deserves a place among these other paragons of atmospheric slud