Midnight - Sweet Death And Ecstasy LP (Black vinyl)


Cleveland’s Midnight is as sure to keep pioneering blackened speed metal as they are to fill their artworks with satanic lesbian orgies (Now there’s a band name for ya). Sweet Death and Ecstasy provides much of the same Venom-inspired mayhem as its two predecessors but it adds some some tweaks to the established formula. While Midnight’s experiments may not as wild as their stage shows, the results are refreshing while being as entertaining as ever.

Sweet Death and Ecstasy features multi-instrumentalist Anthenar’s established mix of sleazy guitar riffs, unhinged drums, and harsh vocals, but it may also have less emphasis on the “black” part of Midnight’s black metal label. It’s immediately noticed as the bookending “Crushed by Demons” and “Before My Time in Hell” are the band’s slowest and longest songs to date. It goes even further as songs like “Here Comes Sweet Death” feature much more of their hard rock influences than was previously established, even offering choruses that could be called sing-along in nature.