MGLA - Presence MCD


With Satanic lyrical themes, "Presence" is split into three tracks (I, II, III) with each one seemingly being an extension (or somewhat modified recital) of the previous. It's ice-cold hateful Satanic Black Metal, fuelled with chainsaw guitars, slicing tremolos and thin snowblasted yet ominous vocals.

The simple ingredients above make for an outstanding and essential Black Metal release: it's delivered honestly and directly as you expect true Black Metal to do: no flamboyant drum fills, solos or electronics, things are kept raw, simple, yet undeniably powerful. MGLA don't break new ground, but masterfully execute their music with a style that is certainly their own.

The Presence EP is under-produced enough to not sound like a demo, and clean enough to not sound over-professional (think of a colder production of Weakling's "Dead As Dreams" album). The production balance sits perfectly over the musical structure, and the snarled vocals cut through the thick textured wall of drums and guitars on each verse. Beautiful.

I highly recommend this EP (and band) to any Black Metal enthusiast, as judging from their small amount of available material, MGLA could gather a strong following with their established, yet somewhat unique style that plays no games with what it attempts to achieve.