MGLA - Mdlosci / Further Down The Nest LP (Black vinyl)


Hands down, this is a quintessential modern black metal listening experience, as it encompasses and codifies the genre's base elements into a cohesive whole. Sonically, its nature is of the raw and melodic, like true 2nd wave black metal should be, and yet, it is stiflingly oppressive in its framework... all the while maintaining a dismal, haunting atmosphere. And that is why M+FDtN succeeds; M purifies the best of what black metal currently has to offer, much like a Scotch single malt pot still, and then ages it the in charred oak cask of black metal's past. At times Mgla manage to evoke the heroic ethos of proper a militant march, as w/ the opening 2 mins of FdtN II, despite keeping the listener ensnared in the jaws of the fiercest violence and misanthropic blood-lust. And they manage to do this in an organic manner, without the failing of sounding overtly contrived or self-indulgent. Pretty close to perfection as any black metal release out there can get, in my opinion, and I suppose it makes sense that only 4 tracks are to be found here. The reason for this is that Mdlosci + Further Down the Nest is a compilation CD that represents two brilliant previously released vinyl EPs.