MGLA - Mdlosci/Further Down The Nest LP (Black vinyl)


Is my quest finally over, does it really end here? I thought I`d be jubilant and laughing, but the truth is, it`s been a long, sometimes tiring search. All I can manage is a smile, a very satisfied smile, knowing I`ve at last found where the spirit of black metal resides. I gaze off into space and listen to the transmission as it plays, and for a while at least, am one with the void, sometimes glimpsing and even actually comprehending its immenseness before I realise no mortal should tarry here long, lest they`re burned and return an empty husk.

This release combines MGLA`s 2006 EP - Mdlosci, with their 2007 EP - Further Down the Nest, giving a little over twenty two minutes listening time.

MGLA (fog) and Mdlosci (nausea), two words that encapsulate and help portray what to expect when listening to the first two parts. A thick black miasma engulfs the listener, M`s harsh vocals and some of the best, most relentless drumming I`ve heard in black metal, courtesy of "Darkside".
The guitars are very rhythmic and the leads make the hairs on my neck stand up! Outstanding.

Further Down The Nest, (parts three and four) sound like they were written to compliment Mdlosci, two EP`s joined together rarely sound so seamless. The drumming in part II deserves an extra mention as it really is just superb and very martial sounding.

I made the mistake of playing this three times in a row writing this review, way too long gazing into the abyss, and nearly didn`t make it back.
My eyes see clearer now, I have passed through and returned, though not without mental scars, and inheriting the gaze of a madman.