Metal Church - From The Vault 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Includes two printed inner sleeves.
Please Don't Judas Me is a Nazareth cover.
Green Eyed Lady is a Sugarloaf cover.
Black Betty is a Ram Jam cove

Leading off this impressive smorgasbord of new and old is a collection of brand new songs that can stand toe to toe with the younger crowd in terms of both volume level and energy. The power/speeding brilliance of “Dead On The Vine” and the Iron Maiden-like, guitar harmony rich variant thereof “Above The Madness” could easily trade blows with the recent output of U.D.O. and Herman Frank’s latest solo outing, while the punchy thrasher “For No Reason” solidifies the band’s thrash credentials in a manner that would make any Anthrax or Overkill fan boy salivate. Truth be told, vocalist Mike Howe’s gritty snarls bear an uncanny resemblance to what Blitz Ellsworth has been bring to the table since 2010’s Ironbound, and it’s a vocal character that proves quite fitting to the versatile underpinnings of the band’s style that reminisces upon a number of German, British and American classics, coming to a head on the heavy-hitting, Accept-like crunch of “Conductor (Redux)”.