Meshuggah ‎- Catch Thirtythree 2-LP (Silver vinyl)


Silver Vinyl limited to 300 copies.

This album was recorded at Fear & Loathing, Stockholm, Sweden
Mastered at Cutting Room

All in all, this is one of my favorite albums of all time and I will probably continue to listen to this album for the rest of my entire life. Now it is difficult to pinpoint highlights in Catch Thirtythree because it is, as I have stated endlessly, an individual song. If I had to choose a few memorable moments, I would say the terror inducing solo in Entrapment, all of In Death-Is Death, and Dehumanization. My suggestion would be to buy this album immediately, put it in your stereo, maybe a good novel as well, sit next to your fire place and hold onto your hats for the least relaxing, but hopefully most rewarding 47 minutes of your life. Be sure NOT to leave your seat until the 47 minutes is up!