Mercyful Fate - The Beginning Digi-CD


Track 9 "Black Funeral" is a bonus track on this release.

"The Beginning" is a compilation of rare early releases by Mercyful Fate, and if you thought "Melissa" and "Don't Break the Oath" were great albums, you NEED to get this. It consists of the band's first four-song EP (released on Rave-On records in 1982), the three-song broadcast of MF live on the BBC, and a B-side from the Melissa recording sessions (the 1998 re-issue of this disc also contains "Black Funeral" from the early "Metallic Storm" compilation). Often, retrospective releases like this are only interesting to collectors or die-hard fans wanting to see where the 'final' style came from, but this album rocks - is it because Mercyful Fate were just that talented? Because they started off with a strongly-defined style? Because they'd been really kicking around for quite a few years before? Probably some of all three...