MERCYFUL FATE - Mercyful Fate MLP (Black Vinyl)
Mercyful Fate

MERCYFUL FATE - Mercyful Fate MLP (Black Vinyl)

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Includes single sided A4-size lyric insert, Metal Blade poly-lined inner-sleeve, and mp3 download card.

One chord. That’s all that stands in between the listener and the scorching guitar solo that begins one of the most explosive and memorable debut records in all of metal history, not to mention one of the greatest EP’s ever. Mercyful Fate’s eponymous debut laid the groundwork for their entire subsequent career and set up an artistic peak that they would rarely match in the years and albums and solo offshoots to come. Pay attention kids: rarely will you get to hear an album this evil and this hilarious and this original and this fucking metal with the endless stream of bullshit flooding the scene these days.

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