MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa LP (Black Vinyl)
Mercyful Fate

MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa LP (Black Vinyl)

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Issued with a lyric insert and a mp3 download card.

Overall this album is a must have masterpiece and a evil work of perfection. Melissa is a record I think everyone who likes harder music should hear at least once in their lifetime. Melissa is right up there with Don't Break the Oath and it is so damn hard to choose between the 2 but both are purely magical works of metal. I'd recommend this album to anyone into classic metal and even those who were put off by King's vocals in the past. whether you like or dislike the vocals the music here is too damn good to not hear once and I feel like once you hear the band play a few tracks that's it, your hooked. Melissa is a superb record and Mercyful Fate is easily right up there with Priest and Maiden.

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