MERCYFUL FATE - In The Shadows LP (Black Vinyl)
Mercyful Fate

MERCYFUL FATE - In The Shadows LP (Black Vinyl)

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In 1993 the groove/alternative/post-thrashy vogues had settled in comfortably on the scene, having dealt with the more rebellious fractions from the classic metal movement. They certainly showed their more democratic, more tolerable side as the old school was left breathing more or less freely. Classic heavy metal was a very rare breed with both Judas Priest and Iron Maiden losing their frontmen to the strives for more individual, more independent expression. On the opposite side, the metal world saw Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.) reuniting with his old colleagues from Back Sabbath for an isolated stunt (“Dehumanizer”, 1992), Scorpions releasing their last good album (“Face the Heat”, 1993) before their retirement from the metal arena, and US veterans like Savatage and Metal Church producing some really noteworthy opuses (“Edge of Thorns” and “Hanging in the Balance” respectively). So not all was dark and pessimistic, albeit hardly propitious and stimulating for young budding newcomers to appear and become most avid defenders of the old school faith.

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