Memoriam ‎- The Silent Vigil LP (Black vinyl)


The Silent Vigil - what a masterpiece! This record is much more atmospheric. The mix is different but contemplates the ideas, longer than before, and has some doom metal influence to top all that. I would’ve labeled the band as “atmospheric death/doom metal” at this point. This wonderful supergroup strikes again with fierce, resonance, rich and somewhat emotional music, yet unleashing devastation of wars they sang along the way. Definitely improving the overall experience. Karl sounds as raspy as he was in the debut, but I like how detailed and fearsome he sounds now in comparison. This is one of my favorite vocal performance of Karl’s. He proves (not that he needs to) that you don’t necessarily have to sound heavier or focus only on death growls. I don’t know if that’s because he’s losing his voice, he still sounds great to me. The drums sound much better, despite being standard or because they fit better in doom metal. They paid off, all right. The bass is audible, which automatically makes the music better. And the guitar’s tone is deep and fulfilling. I admire the sound of the guitar here more than on the debut.