MELECHESH - The Epigenesis Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

MELECHESH - The Epigenesis Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

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Melechesh is one heck of a band. After initially starting out as black metal, the past few years have seen them incorporate a wider range of genres into their core sound, furthering their evolution as a band. This is hands down one of the most epic and brutal albums I’ve heard in a while. Confused? Let me explain. While their previous albums were mainly a thorough breakneck assault of blackened death/thrash, this album is a much slower beast incorporating slower sections of doom, ambience and folk music into the melting pot. Their choice of going for a more sprawling and epic approach on this album has paid off immensely well. The band also showcase their thrashy side in tracks like “Illumination: The Face Of Shamash”, “Negative Theology” and “Defeating The Giants”.


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