Melechesh - Djinn 2-CD


Re-issue, with a completely new artwork, a remastered version of the album (remastering by Maor Appelbaum who worked with Yngwie Malmsteen, Halford, Therion and Armored Saint) and an exclusive bonus CD with an unreleased 1998 demo.

1000 copies.

Yes, it was a new millennium started, and our friends felt perfectly at home with their appealing brand of metal. What they had to do now was to consolidate their status as auteurs within the metal circles. And they wasted no time releasing “Sphynx”, another masterpiece which brought more from the less restrained swagger of the debut, but all was well as the band kept very good balance between the two sides. “Emissaries” continued in the same direction by lessening the speed impact and increasing the progressive, also more atmospheric, elaborations, setting the tone for the next two instalments. A force to be reckoned with on the field after all the hard work invested, these Djinns from the East have all the rights to bring whatever ancient, mystical deities they like to the attention of the always hungry for esoteric knowledge metal fanbase, especially when they’re evoked with the most fitting musical accompaniment.