Mekong Delta ‎- The Music Of Erich Zann Digibook-CD


Issued in digibook packaging, with 8-page affixed booklet and clear disc tray.

2019 Archivist Records

In the wake of the technical/progressive thrash metal craze, which the band single-handedly inaugurated with their debut a year earlier with a little help from Coroner’s “R.I.P.” perhaps, this opus stood proud in the company of Deathrow’s “Deception Ignored”, Target’s “Master Project Genesis”, Destruction’s “Release from Agony”, Coroner’s “Punishment for Decadence”, and Realm’s “Endless War” and Blind Illusion’s “The Sane Asylum” from the other side of The Atlantic although the progenitors had to see themselves in the midst of really furious competition the rise of all these old and new talents almost instantaneous the scene having woken up for those new alien sounds very quickly. This Lovecraftian myth sounded the most schizophrenic and the least predictable of the lot, but it was at the same time the least accessible as well, and with the astounding level of musicianship flowing out of the other mentioned works the band really had to outdo themselves each time in order to keep their colleagues at a distance. Hubert had ideas in abundance, as he so well proved in the years to come, but so did the others, and constant evolution was mandatory in all departments with this particular field filling up with other skilful musicians even faster than the up-and-coming death metal one.