MEFISTO - Megalomania / The Puzzle… CD

MEFISTO - Megalomania / The Puzzle… CD

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Remastered By – Dan Swanö
With 12-page booklet.

Hands down, there are some absolutely fantastic demo compilations out there. Dream Death's 'Back From the Dead' and Ulysses Siren's 'From the Ashes' are just two examples. They have one thing in common. The music on the demos the compilation consists of is nothing short of great. So what happens if you put best two demos throughout metal history on the same compilation?

The result is of course Mefisto's 'The Truth' and it can only be perceived as totally killer. We do after all discuss a band that was a major influence on the 90's Swedish death metal scene, and even bigger on the bands predating the 1990 mark. Both demos, Megalomania and The Puzzle were released in 1986, in May respectively November.

Overall, Mefisto's "Mehalomania/The Puzzle" is the perfect compilation of two demo's that you really can't quite describe at all. Similar to such bands like Slauter Xstroyes, Mysto Dysto, and Pariah just to name a few, it's literally impossible to give Mefisto a real genre or style tag of any sort. The creativity, songwriting, and skill cemented into this material is unmeasurable. Nothing sounds quite like them at all. If you want something truly out of this world, chaotic, brilliant, and are a fan of any kind of metal, get this compilation right away.