Meatjack - Days Of Fire CD


Days of fire indeed! These ten songs are positively brimming with burning rage and fiery desire. Meatjack have been ploughing their own furrow of noisy rock mixed in which tricky sludge elements for the better part of a decade, and have no intention of sweetening the pill.

What I love about this album is that there is so much variety to it, without it becoming a noticeable gimmick. It runs the gamut from fast to slow, pounding to technical, quiet and loud, with a remarkable amount of control and cohesion, so that it works both on a song-by-song basis and as an album as a whole. There's also an innate sense of melody at play here, which makes the songs immensely satisfying to these tired ears. I mean, it's still noisy as fuck, but you can actually still hum along to it!