Mayhem - Live In Zeitz LP (Black vinyl)


The booklet Live in Zeitz provides is perhaps the main reason besides the music itself to get this release. In addition to the old photos at the Mayhem house, pictures from the Zeitz concert, and pictures of younger Pelle, you also get 7 interviews ranging from small to large from Metalion, Hellhammer, Necrobutcher, Samoth, Faust, Anders Ohlin (Pelle's brother), and Arcan Ogutverici (the man behind booking Mayhem for the Izmir show in Turkey). The foreward on how they tracked this guy down is as hilarious as it is educational. As you read, you'll find by luck they tracked him down on in the cache of a closed down Voivod forum. If that isn't necro-obscure I don't know what is. It also explains what happened at the Izmir show and why no soundboard tape has been found as of present day. The interview with Anders Ohlin also provides incredible insight on his legendary older brother and their early brushes with heavy/black metal.