MAYHEM - Live In Leipzig CD

MAYHEM - Live In Leipzig CD

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If you know Mayhem, you would know that they have released a ton of live albums, each with their own varieties. I've already covered the infamous Dawn of the Black Hearts bootleg, so it's only fair that I cover this one as well (I might review the other live albums in the future though). Of all the live albums I've listened to in Mayhem's discography, I'd say that "Live in Leipzig" is their best one. I know I'm not the only person to say that, but to understand why people love this album so much, we need to focus on the music.

Overall, this live album delivers quite an amazing experience. Not only do you get to hear Dead sing most of Mayhem's songs at the time, but it also offers better sound quality, and gives these songs a new look and feel. While most other live albums of Mayhem fall flat, this one shines as the superior listening experience to Mayhem.

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