Mayhem - Grand Declaration Of War 2018 Mix LP (Black vinyl)


New 2018 remix/remaster.

Back when this album was about to be released, the eyes of black metal fans were all on Mayhem after the release of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas; everyone anticipating what the band’s movements would consist of, daydreaming of what they would or could possibly come up with after their debut full-length. If any of those avid black metal enthusiasts expected Mayhem to follow in their own straightforward approach to Norwegian black metal as they presented on DMDS, thereby establishing the blueprint for thousands upon thousands of copycat bands to follow all over the world, they were about to be disappointed. However, those enlightened or understanding enough would surely realize the genius creation that Grand Declaration of War turned out to be, even if it would understandably take time for them to come to terms with its overwhelming amount of distinctive particularities.