Mayhem - Dawn Of The Black Hearts CD


A classic with its shocking artwork and its legendary recording.

The importance of this to the history of Mayhem and early black metal is as vital as the cover is disgusting and shocking. While 'Live In Leipzig' has a more appropriate and cool picture of Dead on the cover the sound on it is a bit thin and vocal heavy. While here you hear everything equally bad! Lol! The production is what a typical bootleg sounds like, pretty bad. LLN bad? No, not THAT bad. You hear the vocals and the intruments all on a similar level. But the ferocity sets this apart from the other recording with the classic lineup. While Maniac and Attila have their appeal and have done well fronting Mayhem for the next 20 years it still doesn't match Dead's vocals. He had it all as a black metal frontman. The intensity, the voice, attitude and most importantly THE LOOK. He was the prototypical black metal frontman. If there was a dictionary or encyclopedia that had 'black metal vocalist' a picture of Dead would most likely be next to that entry.