Mayhem - Chimera LP (Black vinyl)


“Chimera” is an album that kicks some serious butt, there’s no doubt about it in my mind. Ignore the naysayers of this album and listen to it yourself. This is an album that is brutal, yet twisted and is exactly what Mayhem needed after “Grand Declaration of War”. The songs vary in tempo, flit between atmospheric and outright aggressive and yet maintain a sense of cohesion sadly missing from many recent albums. Blasphemer may say he’s disappointed with this album, but he shouldn’t be as “Chimera” proudly earns its spot in the Mayhem discography and even eclipses many of the band’s other releases. "Chimera" ranks as one of my favourite releases in Mayhem's discography, right behind Deathcrush and earns that position for every moment during the album. It isn't perfect, but then, nothing really is (well, very little). This style would be continued in a more un-orthodox manner on “Ordo Ad Chao”, but do not mistake this as a simple embryonic form of that album as this is a full-fledged beast, ready to destroy you and spit you back out into the void.