MAYHEM - Burned Alive LP (Black Vinyl)

MAYHEM - Burned Alive LP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 500 black vinyl, comes with lyric inlay.

Mayhem, the American thrash metal cousins of the more widely-known Norweigan black metal masters, also Mayhem, seem to be overshadowed by the other bands encased within the impressive roster of Black Dragon Records (Manilla Road, Candlemass, Savage, Anthem, and many others) but considering this was a one-off release, maybe this record should be more known.

Closed within this album are some really good thrash/speed songs, some more humourous tracks, a Mötorhead cover, and an unintelligible mess of a song called White Mice on Speed. The vocals are standard speed metal vocals and pack a punch with a little bit of melody and technicality. The singer on this album, Matt McCourt, also did various projects in the 80s like a power metal band called Wild Dogs and another speed metal group with a neoclassical tinge called Dr. Mastermind. In other words, Matt McCourt was the Rudy Sarzo of speed metal; was never in one place at a time.


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