MASTER'S HAMMER - Finished! Mediabook 3-CD
MASTER'S HAMMER - Finished! Mediabook 3-CD
Master's Hammer

MASTER'S HAMMER - Finished! Mediabook 3-CD

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CD1. The Ritual Murder + Live in Zbraslav
CD2. Finished + The Mass
CD3. The Fall Of Idol + Jilemnický Okultista

3CD-hardcover-book (size 14×14) with large booklet (including a new in-depth-interview with mastermind Franta Štorm)

I first heard of this demo in one of the few interviews the Nifelheim-Bros did in the end of the nineties. I think it was Tyrant who told the interviewer, that he recently had been fortunate to lay his hands on an original copy of Master's Hammer's "Finished" demo and that it was worth the fortune he had to trade it for. Since then I myself searched for this piece of vilest Black Metal ever recorded. Some years later I had luck in finding a person, who could trade me a copy of the tape. What came, when I first listened to it even surpassed my really high expectations: The sound of pure Hell!