MASTER - Vindictive Miscreant Slipcased CD
MASTER - Vindictive Miscreant Slipcased CD

MASTER - Vindictive Miscreant Slipcased CD

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You’re nothing but a Vindictive Miscreant!
Cutthroat and aggressive Death Metal with some Thrash tendencies!
In case you didn’t know, Master are one of the original US Death Metal bands.
The band was founded in 1983 and is now reissuing their fourteenth albums.
If you’re wondering why this band has such staying power just listen to their 1991 album “On the Seventh Day God Created... Master”, the music speaks for itself.
Lyrically they are also not cut from the same cloth as your typical Death Metal band, the themes are political and societal.

“Vindictive Miscreant” is a lesson in the old-school, showing the band’s mastery of song-based carnage and brutal, dirty heaviness.
Studded through with a spiky thrash influence that’s always served them well, the songs on Master’s latest album stand up well against anything ostensibly similar you could match
them against.

• Master being a true originator of Death Metal
• After a 25-year career Paul Speckmann makes it clear where the true old school Death Metal hammer hangs!

For fans of: Obituary, Massacre, Repulion, Benediction, Autopsy

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