MASTER - On The Seventh Day God Created... Master LP (Black Vinyl)

MASTER - On The Seventh Day God Created... Master LP (Black Vinyl)

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Master’s second album recorded by Scott Burns at Morrissound Studios!

Classic 1990’s Death Metal! 
One of the problems with looking back on a musical genre from a perspective years or decades removed from the core of the movement itself
is that subsequent developments tend to obscure both a genres origins and threads within a tradition that died out without offspring.
As a result, interesting and deserving albums often get lost in the shuffle as reviewers reflect on those albums most “influential” upon later achievements.
Death metal pioneers Master are among those who have been shortchanged as a result of that phenomenon, and their 1990 masterpiece “On the Seventh Day,
God Created... Master” remains a fascinating exploration both of the genre’s roots and of spaces it might have occupied had different paths been taken.

Beneath the surface simplicity, lies a creative spirit that at once recalls the primal birth of death metal (which Master was both present for and very much
a driving force behind) and points the way to what the genre might have become.
Very apparent are the genre’s hardcore roots,
Within the unrelenting storm of brutal repetition, the music’s core meaning is encoded, a sheer primal rage dripping from thunderous cycles of power chords and
the open throated roar of vocalist and chief songwriter Paul Speckman.
What emerges is something that belies its own apparent crudity, becoming not so much a statement of blind anger or stymied alienation, but a masterful declaration
of violent intent.

Mandatory for anyone into: Obituary, Napalm Death, Discharge, Motörhead, Massacre, Asphyx

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