Master - Funeral Bitch CD


This CD is basically the recordings that might have been master's debut album, had they chosen to sign to Combat records in '85. They did not, and when they did finally issued their self titled debut a few years later, they were a slightly different beast, and in some ways more generic. These early thrashing, powerful and chaotic cuts are what inspired others (Terrorizer, Napalm Death, etc.) to form bands and expand the death metal and grindcore universes, so you gotta know that this is lethal stuff. Paul Speckmann's vocals are rough and raw, though not the death metal grunts he would soon adopt, and this suits the material well. Apart from the '85 recordings, this very cool CD offers some other unreleased stuff and is highly recommended to death metal completists and fans of raw metal in general. From Beyond is a cool label that does a reverent job on their releases, and this is no exception to their strong track record...