Master - Four More Years Of Terror CD (Pre-order)


Ships after the 8th of July 2022.

Death/Thrash Metal classic remastered! A strong Master album re-issued.

Rock Hard Germany review by Jan Jaedike 8.5/10 basically sums it up! The two new tracks on the recently released “Masterpieces” compilation already showed that Paul Speckmann wants to make it clear after a 25-year career where the true old school Death Metal hammer hangs. And that works excellently. “Four More Years Of Terror” in the title probably alludes to the second term of office of the Bush administration and contains superficially blunt (the number of breaks can generally be counted on one hand), but dead-on-the-point hammering Death-Thrash attacks with the usual Motörhead edge. The tempo is with wonderful penetrance almost continuously in the classic eighties turnip thrash beat, there is plenty of double bass, and Paule moos around wonderfully antisocially. Last but not least, the Ami, who lives in exile in the Czech Republic, and his colleagues hurl some of the coolest simple riffs out of their stuffy sleeves in years (if you don’t tear your shack apart with joy during ‘Line To Kill’, you must be completely deaf).

• Master’s 7th album, Master being a true originator of Death Metal

• Remastered at Toneshed Studio (Trouble, Dead Head, Pestilence) for maximum audio

• After a 25-year career Paul Speckmann makes it clear where the true old school Death Metal hammer hangs!

For fans of: old school (Death) Metal bands such as Venom, Mötorhead, Obituary, Slaughter, Benediction