MARDUK - Wormwood Digipack CD

MARDUK - Wormwood Digipack CD

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Swedish Black Metal. Their eleventh album from 2009.
Digipak with 24 page.

Wormwood, the band’s twelfth studio album and latest carries on from where ROM 5:12 left but if anything, this is just a little better. The band still focuses on building a thick sludgy atmosphere through their black metal and even when they are going at it full speed ahead, the atmosphere is retained to startling effect. Main man and guitarist Morgan Hakansson really has pulled out all the stops on Wormwood. The songs run the gamut from fast, chaotic and angry to monstrously slow dirges that threaten to suffocate. Mortuus’s vocals go from your normal black metal screech to a pretty cool growl and back to the tortured shrieking from the toilet bowl of hell. It’s a powerful performance and doesn’t really cross over into the realm of parody. The big change in the sound though, comes from bass player Magnus Andersson whose bass is given even more prominence on Wormwood than on the last album and the result is an always thick and murky atmosphere to these songs regardless of the pace at which the band is playing.

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