Marduk - Opus Nocturne CD


Marduk are another that need little teeing up from me. Halfway decent spokespeople for Swedish black metal that quickly stagnated into a no trick pony of monotonous blasting. Despite it’s patchy reputation and unfocused riffing, I believe there was potential in their debut ‘Dark Endless’. But from this half formed death metal, they quickly solidified their sound into a straightforward black metal approach on ‘Those of the Unlight’. Then by 1994 they vaulted forward into new heights of artistic achievement with the release of ‘Opus Nocturne’. Whether it was the frequent line-up changes that dogged the band at the time, or the uncertainty of youth throwing up accidental moments of genius, is really besides the point; out of this we get albums like ‘Opus Nocturne’. This is a tight, focused rendering of energetic black metal that manages to capture a broad emotional range within Marduk’s dogmatically rigid approach to the style.