Man Must Die ‎– The Human Condition -CD


I first heard this band on a sampler I recieved at a show. This sampler had the song Waster on it and that is what hooked me to this band. Not only that, but the name Man Must Die just shows aggression and brutality. After ruining the sampler cd by giving it so many spins, I decided to go to the store and order it. Finally after it came in and popped it in..this is what I got from it.

Wow, just wow. The cd starts out with a simple intro like most cd's do and following that intro is the song called Silent Observer. All you hear is a wall of metal. Not the sloppy brutal death style, but carefully placed, badass technical metal. Same thing goes for the rest of the songs. Each song shows so much talent from this band. Some songs they use borderline clean vocals, and other songs they just let it loose. On Waster towards the end of the song, it sounds like a typical melodeath song, but then changes back into technical. That's the best part about this cd. No song sounds the same, and each song is different in itself. I can't really comment on the solos because they are all awesome. Sure not up to Necrophagist standards, but hell who is? This is a technical metal cd and they did a hell of a job with this. The drummer is just fantastic and Joe McGlynn (the singer) has got to be one of the most talented singers I have ever heard, ranging from semi-clean vocals to harsh brutality. I wouldn't call him the next Christian Älvestam, but he's DAMN good. The pitches he uses are just amazing and like I stated previously, no song sounds the same all the way through.

Also the lyrics are not your typical, "KILL KILL KILL DIE DIE DIE WE'RE DEATH METAL BADASS WAAA!!" It deals with real life problems. Like I said before the lyrics are aggressive and most of the time talks about suicide or posers, people who leech off others, ect. I also love the fact that the lyrics on this album do not repeat per song. Most bands that have no talent just reuse some of the lyrics within the song to fill up time, and I'm not talking about the chorus. Not Man Must Die. Each song kind of tells a story and that's what I truly love about this band and album.