MAMORLIS - Sturdy As An Oak LP (Black Vinyl)

MAMORLIS - Sturdy As An Oak LP (Black Vinyl)

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It took a few years for Mamorlis to get back on track and record a new studio album which was released last March after almost 3 years of stagnation (although I don't know if they promoted their first album by doing live shows and gigs), they managed to release not only a worthy follow-up but a superior album than their debut. Even if the guys sort of ditched the doom metal aspects the debut had, it is still a very good album to listen to.

One thing is for sure, there are more folk metal influences here than on the debut LP combined with the more old-school metal sounds. This means that if you are a fan of Slough Feg and Manilla Road, you will love this disc!! I can't say anything negative about this album other than the fact that it only has a tracklist of six songs. If you excuse that, you will most likely appreciate the great vocals which once again remind me of Charlie Dominici (Noce's voice sounds pretty similar in tone to those Dominici recorded for his O3 trilogy albums), the brilliant guitar work (which I didn't give credit for at Mamorlis' debut) that contains a lot of nice Thin Lizzy-inspired melodies (and of course the guitarists record with the traditional double tracking technique and they really are very tight players) and fast leads.