Malokarpatan - Nordkarpatenland LP (black)


Malokarpatan refer to their own music as old school rural Slovak black metal, and merge their already rustic riffing with Slovakian folk elements; the album even opens with the sound of a Jew’s Harp being played alongside the happy noises of what’s presumably a Slovak deer (note; in the original review, I put "cow" and was corrected by the band), before a spoken word intro leads into the first (and absolutely ripping) complete song.

Though Malokarpatan’s first album, Stridžie dni, was absolutely fantastic and is a recent favorite of mine in the genre, Nordkarpatenland absolutely dwarves it in just about every way possible. The songs are more ambitious, better written, better produced, and though it’s strange to hold up a lack of convention as a beneficial trait, less tied to black metal; Malokarpatan has stepped outside of the boundaries of their chosen genre to deliver something that’s impossible to really narrow down or box up, because these mad Slovaks, much like their musical ancestors, care more about making rocking and drunken evil metal than they care about sounding like any particular band.