Mactätus - Blot CD


Re-issue remastered.

A very capable record, highlighting an approach to black metal that I would place, in the entire spectrum of that genre's evolution, right around '95 or '96 (it was actually recorded in '96 and '97) in terms of what their fellow Norsemen were doing. It isn't too raw or bombastic, neither too well-polished or aggressively unformed, and it isn't sworn to the black to the point of disgorging repetition and stale throwbacks to yesteryear, instead of trying to branch out into something new. All of the music here, though, shows a certain amount of polish and ready formulation, and the songwriter's hand is evident in the sure structures. Although greatly influenced by early Dimmu Borgir [it's obvious], for a group's first album it shows a respectable level of experimentation, and also an undeniable grasp of the melodic potential inherent within the genre. As the album progresses, it tends to become more and more melodic, you could say, replacing dissonant elements with harmonic structures, and I believe, looking at this band's career in hindsight, that this album traced out, very cleanly, Mactätus's entire path or journeying road of musical evolution