Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc. - Welcome To The Asylum CD


 "Welcome to the Asylum" is the work of a unit that wants to demonstrate its relatively broad spectrum. Without leaving the thrash metal territory, the band has penned fairly different tunes. "Count Your Blessings" has balladic sections and needs more than two minutes before it gains momentum. It starts very carefully, its mid part sends greetings to Atrophy and the last third tells the listener how to thrash his living room, the concert hall or any other place. "Mental Weakness" seems to be similarly constructed, but its emotional beginning ends abruptly and is replaced by a fantastic high speed assault. Nervous leads and sharp riffs create a great number which is inter alia enriched by a partly hysterical lead singer. "Go Song" takes a different course while showing a punk affinity. Well, songs with a duration of only one minute are mostly not overly complex. Just some fast guitars, simple drumming and, let me say, very generic lyrics. "1428 Elmstreet", to mention a last example, does not really know what it wants to be. Its first half sounds like a horror story, the second part delivers high speed thrash.