Lunar Shadow - Wish To Leave LP (Black vinyl)


Two years after The Smokeless Fires release, Lunar Shadow has revealed that they've been working on another album, describing it with words: "The guitars are taken back a little this time, the gain on our amps is lower, the bass is more prominent. No fast shredding, no wild riffing.". Back then I was a little doubtful - "guitars taken back"? No shredding? No wild riffing? - and that would be an understandable reaction from someone who was maniacal about their sophomore effort. It took me a while to come in terms with such decision, although when we've been presented with "Serpents Die" and "Wish to Leave", the doubts were waning. It wasn't something we were ready for - indeed lacking the values Max mentioned, but making up for it with atmosphere and creativity. The boys at Lunar Shadow have done it again!