Lucifericon - Al-Khem-Me CD


Righteously indignant enlightenment pours from the apeiron of blackened death metal inspiration as so many occult educated masters of riffing heavy metal darkness create the least subtle forms of theurgy known to man; It happens so often in today’s era that it becomes easy to overlook and underappreciate the depth of each ritual. So thriving is the outlet for this alchemical goal of transformation and invocation that it begins to read as fictive ‘genre’ no less curious than typical convoluted high fantasy. Without a rudimentary interest in various occult literature and belief systems the value of this subject matter is effective as little more than mystique and ornate symbolism. When faced with the stunning obscure art and musclebound blackened death of a band like Lucifericon that surface level allure becomes a sort of glowing, romantic darkness; A siren towards occultism’s camerae obscurae where each depth explored offers some new and challenging lick of the black flame. Therein lies the ironclad appeal of an album like ‘Al-Khem-Me’ where I may not understand the deeper meaning of its overall theurgistic statement and symbolism but the occult black/death metal they compose is undeniably awe-inspiring.