LOUDBLAST - Burial Ground CD

LOUDBLAST - Burial Ground CD

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As the Metal Archives puts it, Loudblast, “the first notable death metal band from France”, have undergone too many hiatuses and lineup changes to remain faithful to their original sound. The heavy thrash sound with speeding guitars and drums has been instead replaced with grooves and brooding atmosphere in their new album, Burial Ground. The thrash influences in Loudblast circa-2014 are not as readily apparent as they were in 1985, but after several stylistic changes in 2011 and 2004, it’s good to see the band release an affirming album that proves that they still have ingenuity and songwriting prowess to showcase.

Death and Massacra fans should take note, for this is a very competent release from the French metallers. The dark sound is superbly produced and delivered. Loudblast fans will undoubtedly enjoy in this album, as will old-school death metal fans.