Lord Of Pagathorn ‎– Nekros Philia - Digipak -CD


Making their music in the same vein of ancients bands from SWOBM like MAYHEM, DARK FUNERAL and old MARDUK, this trio uses a more harsh and raw way of doing their musical work. Nothing new at all in their mix of harsh vocals, brutal and raw guitar riffs and pretty simple and heavy rhythmic basis. But even this way, this harsh and morbid feeling is the earlier and very deep expression of Black Metal roots, so it has its place in the Metal word. We must never forget the past…

The production is harsh and dry, but with very good level of quality. The musical instruments are in pretty harsh tunes, as in the first years of SWOBM, remind a lot the same tunes used by MAYHEM on “The Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, but clear and more comprehensible. But sounding this way is what they’re about, and the band hits the bull’s-eye.

Their finest moments: the brutal and fast “Chapter I”, the more climatic and rawer “Chapter II” (with very good guitar riffs and great vocals), the worked and a bit technical “Chapter IV”, and the horror made music of “Chapter VII”, with a slower tempo and abrasive guitars, along with very good work of bass and drums.