Lord Dying ‎– Summon The Faithless -CD


In the summer of 2013, Lord Dying's "Summon the Faithless" was finally released, and a touring monster was set in motion. No kidding, I don't think this band has had a break since this album was released, only recently to start recording their second full length. But if this album gives us any gaze towards their future, I can confidently say Lord Dying is going to be one of the strongest forces in sludge metal.

The album crushes from the onset with "In a Frightful State of Gnawed Dismemberment", which starts out with a massive and doom-laden intro, quickly taking a sudden turn into a fist fight; by the time you reach the chorus, your brain has left stains on the inside of your skull. Comical "poetry" aside, this song will certainly be a mainstay on their future setlists and is probably the definitive song to listen to if you're curious about Lord Dying. In terms of album structure, you can tell what they were going for with the first 3 songs, a complete pummeling. Lord Dying announce loud and clear they are not reinventing the wheel; they're not trying to be technical or prog, and yet not just farting out Melvins covers. They add certain elements and influences to their timing, chords, and song structure that give them a sound completely their own.

After you get through the first section of this album, the flavor is changed up a little bit with numbers that have a more solid and groovy feel to them. This is where I feel some people may get bored and feel stuck in a monotonous zone, seizing to pay full attention to the rest of this album. Now, make no mistake about it, these songs still kick ass and I feel are a very welcome breath of air to keep a diverse feel, but I think Lord Dying could have maybe thrown in a few more curveballs or cut some of the more droney sections to keep a first time listener more interested. Either way, the band pulls out enough tricks in the bag for me to be satisfied with these songs and welcome the rest of the album.

As for the last 3 songs, the brutality is more back in the fold, with "Perverse Osmosis" just fucking savagely beating everything in it's path. It's simple, yet played so goddamn effectively that you're called back to attention. The overall mood is just a total downer, which is a welcome approach to take later in this album. "Water Under a Burning Bridge" cools off a little and rides more off of the groove, with drummer Jon Reid filling the void Craig Nunenmacher left when he exited Crowbar. Still bobbing your head, you're set up for the mugging that is "What is not...is". Just a no-nonsense, fast paced asskicker of a song that leaves you completely satiated with some of the 8 most solid songs you've heard from a new band in 2013.

The high points are many on this album, while the lows are few and far between; if occasional monotony is the worst thing I can say about this album, then Lord Dying are doing something right. So, as I tentatively wait for Lord Dying's second release, Relapse are probably sitting on their throne and smiling for the smart additions they made to their doom/sludge/stoner sectors with other newcomers such as Windhand ASG, and Inter Arma.