LORD BELIAL - Unholy Crusade Digipack CD
Lord Belial

LORD BELIAL - Unholy Crusade Digipack CD

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What to say more? Here it is a wonderful, angered, raw and evil piece of black metal to which acoustic guitars and few other occasional addings give a sometime melancholic, sometime gloomy or epic aura, yet without any compromise with melody or folkish elements or so. “Enter the Moonlight Gate” for example sounded more epic and fantastic and somehow satanic, due to more flutes and acoustic moments and to the ‘ritualistic’ ghost-track. Here, these elements are very reduced: an anticipation of what seem to be the ‘new’ course of Lord Belial, nearer to death metal and brutal accents. “Unholy Crusade” stays just in the middle, not too brutal – it’s sheer black metal still! – neither too atmospheric or melodic, a perfect blend in my opinion that made me listen to this album hundreds of times without getting bored of!

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