LORD BELIAL - The Seal Of Belial Digipack CD
Lord Belial

LORD BELIAL - The Seal Of Belial Digipack CD

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Comes in 4 panel digipak with a 12 page boooklet.

Now this album has been called doomy; while I wouldn’t exactly call it that, it gets off that way for its thick, mid-paced songs. It sounds like your on your being escorted to Hell, with genocide being committed to your right and McDonald’s on your left. The NWOBHM worship, significantly present in songs like “Scythe Of Death,” “Abysmal Hate,” and “Mark Of The Beast” prevent this album from bordering snoozeville, which some people seem to think. The more elegant tracks like “Legio Inferi” and “Sons Of Belial” in return give this album more class and a style of its own.

Angelgrinder served as the build-up while Nocturnal Beast represented the aftermath of this album. Lord Belial pulled all their shots on this one and created something magnificently chilling without giving up their roots. It serves as a great gateway album for new fans and also as pretty much their best work in my eyes.

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