LORD BELIAL - The Black Curse Digipack CD
Lord Belial

LORD BELIAL - The Black Curse Digipack CD

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Their eighth album from 2008. Comes in 4 panel digipak with a 12 page boooklet.

Sweden’s Lord Belial strike again, this time with their new album ‘The Black Curse’. Following their full-length last year, ‘Revelation – The 7th Seal’, the band’s new offering submits more melodic black metal blasphemy and unhinged hatred.

‘Pazuzu – Lord of Fevers and Plague’ is a dirty opening number with black ‘n’ roll influences which infuses the music with a reckless edge. Conversely, melodic guitar passages equip the track, varying the tone. Accenting the music is a good employment of guitar solos, particularly on ‘Inexorable Retribution’ and more harrowingly on ‘Primordial Incantation’ where the guitar howls as if lamenting in anguish.

‘Trumpets of Doom’ features a delicate and fragile guitar in its introduction which adds a welcomed extra dimension. The use of keyboards on this track is commendable and corroborates the guitars’ messages successfully. As if to signify a return to the origin, the closing hymn ‘Soul Gate’ has a prevalent black ‘n’ roll sound, ending the album on a fine note.

Lord Belial’s magnitude of credibility has certainly outlived the conventional melodic black metal band’s. ‘The Black Curse’ is testimony to the band’s fresh musical ideas.

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