Lord Belial - Kiss The Goat Digi-CD


This album was released with Lord Belial's first record label - the same one that wouldn't release "Purify Sweden". Lord Belial, as a result, don't have too many good things to say about them but ironically, this album's turned out to be one of their finest with tracks such as "In The Light Of The Fullmoon" with it's glorified pagan elements topped with melodic guitaring and some very poetic lyrics and "Hymn Of The Ancient Misanthropic Spirit Of The Forest", where the keyboard's used to perfection in the second riff and the unrelenting pace that is carried throughout the song, the exceptions being the keyboard-driven melodic interludes. However, Lord Belial have not been able to achieve this brilliance in all their tracks, that's what pulls the album down. Tracks such as "Osculum Obscenum" and "The Ancient Slumber" can become downright boring - and that's a pity since some other tracks are exceptionally good.