LORD BELIAL - Enter The Moonlight Gate Digi-CD
Lord Belial

LORD BELIAL - Enter The Moonlight Gate Digi-CD

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Lord Belial's "Enter the Moonlight Gate" is a masterpiece of melodic black metal that expertly blends aggression with beauty. From the moment the album begins with the commanding opening line, "Enter the Moonlight Gate!", it becomes clear that the listener is in for an intense journey. The band's use of blistering power chords, ferocious blast beats, and harsh black metal shrieks create an audio onslaught that is not for the faint of heart.

However, beneath the surface of the brutality lies a constant underflow of melody that is apparent throughout the entire album. Lord Belial skillfully weaves together various musical elements, from eerie whispered vocals to grief-soaked violin lines, to create a diverse and epic listening experience. The album's standout tracks include the anthemic "Lamia", which features some of the catchiest melodic lines in metal history, and "Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls, Part I", a 20-minute epic that showcases the band's ability to seamlessly transition between different musical styles.

What makes "Enter the Moonlight Gate" so special is its impeccable song construction. Lord Belial demonstrates a mastery of dynamics, expertly building tension and releasing it in explosive bursts of sound. The album's softer moments, such as the purely acoustic "Forlorn in Silence", provide a welcome respite from the brutality while still maintaining an emotional intensity.

It's a shame that this album was overlooked upon its release, as it stands as a classic example of the melodic black metal genre. While Lord Belial would go on to explore different musical styles in their later albums, "Enter the Moonlight Gate" remains a high point in their discography. Fans of black metal, as well as anyone who appreciates expertly crafted music, should give this album a listen.