LORD BELIAL - Enter The Moonlight Gate Gatefold-LP (Black Vinyl)
Lord Belial

LORD BELIAL - Enter The Moonlight Gate Gatefold-LP (Black Vinyl)

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If there is a black metal band that deserves more attention than they deserve, it's Lord Belial. Based in Sweden, the band's debut album " Kiss the Goat" was praised for being a more darker interpretation of melodic black metal bands like Dissection, and having some killer riffs. However, while that album was great, it would be their 1997 second album "Enter the Moonlight Gate" where Lord Belial truly showed their full potential.

I'll admit that it was kind of hard finding the exact words to describe the album for this review, because it really is one of those albums that you have to hear for yourself. Its instruments mix Dissection-worship and dark black metal well, the vocals mix the shrieks and singing well, and the songwriting includes some of the best in Lord Belial's discography. While most of their other albums are good, none of them would be able to top the greatness that is "Enter the Moonlight Gate".

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